Cycle.Host inspires the delivery of innovation

Cycle.Host begins with your ideas.
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Whether for a website, or an advanced application, ask yourself, how can your cloud work with you to accomplish your goals?

You know what you want, it’s time to build a plan for success.
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Develop your ideas like a pro, even if you’re not one... yet.

Build on innovative ideas while removing the barriers of technical debt.
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Raise the standard of quality as security, speed, and dependability become your motto.
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Leave wasted ideas in the past, as you deploy your future in record time.
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At Cycle.Host, we do more than host your website, we host your success.

Automate best practice through each step of the software development cycle

Cycle.Host TM Requirements

What do you want to do? Cycle.Host allows you to easily list requirements for your software

Create documents

Include attachments

Build wireframes

Add documentation needed to clarify any type of requirement

Requirements are used to create stories

Cycle.Host TM Agile

A story is a well defined, self contained, slice of functionality within an application.

Cycle.Host automates the workflow of merging completed stories into your production environment, in order to ensure best practice.

A story is 'done' when all tasks have been completed, all acceptance critera has been met, and all code has been reviewed by the team.

Testing story functionality is simple because each story has it's own deployment. Once tasks are complete, testers and stakeholders can open a story environment and test functionaly instantly.

Completed stories are merged into the sprint.

Completed sprints are merged to the release.

Completed releases are merged to production.

Cycle.Host provides the best story, sprint, release tracking on the market today. At a glance, you'll always know your team's velocity, burndown, and even whether a release is likely to succeed. Cycle.Host also tracks your teams daily standup.

Stop wasting time keeping your Agile environment, branching strategy, and deployments in sync. Let Cycle.Host manage the web of product integration, allowing your team to focus on innovation.

Cycle.Host TM Integration

Start from scratch, or use a template to create a working environment within seconds. Automatically connect your environment to your own GIT repository, or use a blank repo, ready for great code.

Cycle.Host manages your environment from the perspective of the story or feature. Using continuous integration, stories can be tracked and tested from development, through release.

Automatic integration with necessary environment dependencies saves team time. With Cycle.Host, there is no longer a need to use development resources with constant 3d party integration.

Track environment builds in real time, with constant continuous integration.

Use Cycle.Host database management to automatically create, and manage your data source connections, and storage capacity.

Using Cycle.Host dynamic environments, instantly test a collection of stories, a sprint, or release, before code is ever merged. This allows your team to verify functionality while limiting regressions without rollback of code, or hotfixes.

Using the team's current velocity, know exactly when features will be released.

Following a best practice workflow, automatic integration with source code repositories, and build deployments, Cycle.Host sets focus on integration, so your development team can focus on innovation.

Cycle.Host TM Verification

Stories are slices of functionality and are tested easily within their own environment

No need to 'pin' a story branch to a specific environment, with Cycle.Host stories are always ready

Upon completion of development tasks, a story is automatically moved into the testing phase

All acceptance criteria must be verified in order for story status to progress

Upon verification of acceptance, the story automatically moves into the review phase where code is verified by the development team

A story is only ready for release when all acceptance has been verified, and code changes have been reviewed by the team

Cycle.Host TM Deployment

With Cycle.Host, manage your environment cluster easily.

Real time monitoring allows you to know the status of your environment. Instantly add nodes to increase the performance of your environment. Decrease nodes if they're not being used.

Clustered environments have automatic load balancing, as well as automatic disater recovery, ensuring 100% uptime, even during deployments.

One click deploy ensures the completed functionality of your release is deployed instantly.

With Cycle.Host, 'code' is never pushed to your production environment. Only completed, tested, and verified stories move up the workflow of the 'path to production'.

Automatically deploy functional releases, as opposed to 'pushing code'.

Enjoy the benefits of continuous development, testing, integration, and deployments.

With Cycle.Host, your team will be free to focus on INNOVATION, not the constant configuration of 3rd party tools.

Software that saves you time and solutions that save money